Like most Chicken Farmers we started our adventure on a simple thought that a few chickens would be a great way to ensure us that we would have a personal supply of eggs that were all natural with no added “STUFF”.  We researched Chickens for the best layers, meat birds cold/heat tolerance and temperament.  . After seeing all the different breeds available, we couldn’t help ourselves to expand our thinking from just egg layers and meat birds but to a farm full of comedy and beauty.  We not only have Chickens, we also have Turkeys, Ducks and Geese. What started out to be wanting just a few turned into a “few” totaling more than 100 of the little beauties. We are here to tell you every one of our feathered friends have their own very unique personalities.

Originally we wanted to make sure we had enough chickens to meet our demand for eggs and meat but then we noticed during our research that there were few if any local producers of "true" free range cage free chickens, turkeys and ducks. We decided to begin producing eggs, and fresh meat to sell. We produce the natural way, let the birds roam over our 5 acres and eat all the bugs and grass they want, supplementing them with the appropiate feed we obtain from Agfinity.

Both Mark and I have had Professional Careers most of our lives, Mine has been in the food and Beverage business for over 35 years as well as trying my hand in the cattle business with a cow/calf operation plus my passion for crafts.  Mark is a master at woodworking his ability to turn a piece of wood into a masterpiece is amazing! He is also employed by the BNSF Rail Road (Conductor) and is on call 24/7 which leaves most of the farming to me, but between the both of us and the help (if that’s what you want to call it) of our 3 dogs and the kitten that just adopted us, we are living the dream! We love for people to come out and enjoy our farm with us and meet our feathered friends.  You will see that not all chickens are white or red, and will also learn that not all the Turkeys in the world are going to chase you out of the yard and that they are, as some people have said, “Kind of Neat”. We love sharing ideas, recipes and information and even a BBQ or two.  Come on out and see us as we would love to have ya! Thank you for visiting our page. If you have any questions please contact us. We hope you and yours have a wonderful day! And  remember…
“Stay Calm and Pet A Chicken”
Mark and Karen